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Jensen Ackles and the Glitter Crisis (x)

Master Sam playing with dog Dean.
Dean is not very good at tricks
but seems like he really likes one command.


The best Wincest is the kind where the boys still bicker and banter like brothers okay.

Bitch and Jerk and shoving each other and Sam flushing the toilet while Dean is in the shower and Dean changing the alarm on Sam’s phone (or hiding it altogether), and Sam is basically an emo chick on her period but is so damn fuckable at the same time that Dean just can’t resist, and it’s just so damn wrong and neither of them cares, now come over here and kiss me, bitch.

Yes, that’s the best kind of Wincest.


Jared/Sam hugs in b/w for Dani

things get stolenthings get broken

things get stolen
things get broken